Quality Air Duct Cleaning And Allergy Reduction 
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Not too long ago I can home from a week long vacation from St. George.  During my stay down there I hardly ever had to use my inhaler, but after just 24 hours back in my home (I work from home) I had used my inhaler 3 times!  I knew something was wrong.  

I started researching and discovered that poor air quality inside your home can cause serious issues.  In addition to the asthma/allergies, I was getting sick very consistently.  It was my air vents.  We actually had a company come out and clean our vents and it helped dramatically. 

After that experience I wanted to start Breathe Clean Utah to take the concept of clean air inside the home further than any other company out there. And that's what we've done... It's time for you to stop the allergies, stop the sickness, and breathe clean!

- Dewey Denning | Co-Founder | Breathe Clean Utah, L.L.C.
344 West 300 North American Fork, Utah 84003

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